Kelpie's Bratbear, made by Carol (bratbear1@aol.com) was received into the household in May 2004,
and has had the chance to accompany Kelpie on a number of her recent travels.

First, here are some pictures of the Bratbear with the family:

This is Boomer, the Bratbear, and Tucker.

Bratbear in Kelpie's favorite chair.

Some of the travels are documented photographically, here.
I've rearranged this page so that the Bratbear's most recent travels are on top. So if you want to start at the beginning, go to the bottom of the page. ;)

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Kelpie's Bratbear!

Also, visit the Bratbear's

I'm a little delayed in posting Bratbear pics. I'm hoping to have some time to get some various Bratbear photographs processed, uploaded and posted for the edification of those who are following the Bratbear's adventures. This is a well traveled Bear... ;)

In May 2005, the Bratbear traveled to a local house concert, and got to have his picture taken with James Lee Stanley!

Hopefully some pictures from that house concert will be posted at some point.

The Bratbear traveled to New Mexico in March 2005 to see the Raiders perform at Sky City Casino in Acoma, New Mexico. I was able to get a picture of the Bratbear with Ron Foos.

Click here to see pictures of the 03/26/2005 Sky City Casino Paul Revere and the Raiders show.

The Bratbear attends many and varied events. Here, he is pictured at a sporting event in Colorado Springs in February 2005 with Steve Fraser, another Olympic Gold Medalist.

The Bratbear spent New Year's Eve 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada, seeing Paul Revere and the Raiders at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino.

Here's the Bratbear watching Darrin and McKenna Medley duet at the New Year's Eve show.

Click on the link to see the pictures of the
12/31/2004 Paul Revere and the Raiders Las Vegas show.

The Bratbear traveled to Jackpot, Nevada on October 14, 2004.

At this event, I was able to get pictures of the Bratbear with a couple of the Raiders.

Doug has the honor of being the first musician to be photographed with the Bratbear. ;)

Darrin also joined in the Bratbear fun.

The Bratbear attended an Olympic celebration on September 26, 2004.
Bratbear met Rulon Gardner there... Rulon put the Bratbear in a bear hug. ;)
(2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Greco-Roman Wrestling)

The Bratbear went with Kelpie to AAA in September 2004 to get maps and tourbooks for upcoming trips. ;)

The Bratbear accompanied Kelpie to a Friday Afternoon Club celebration in September 2004 with Kelpie's coworkers one Friday. Here are some pictures from that event.

Bratbear and beer! ;)

Kelpie's coworkers

The Bratbear with Olympic Gold Medalist Kevin Jackson

The Bratbear spent part of August 2004 in the state of Iowa with Kelpie while Kelpie visited her dad's house and visited aunts, uncles and cousins. Some pictures were taken of various places in Iowa City and vicinity while the Bratbear was there.

Tucker, Kelpie's Dad, and the Bratbear, at Dad's home.

Boomer and the Bratbear in Dad's living room.

The Bratbear accompanied Kelpie on a visit to her optometrist, Eye Associates of Iowa City.

Renee prepares the Bratbear for the optometric examination.

Dr Merle Kjonaas, Kelpie's optometrist, was kind enough to play along for a picture of the Bratbear getting his eyes examined.

The Bratbear attended the Olympic Day festivities at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs on Friday, August 13, 2004.
Here are some pictures from that event.

The Bratbear with the Olympic Rings.

Some scenes from the Olympic Training Center, on the day that the 2004 Olympic Games began.

The Aquatics Complex and Sports Center II

Sports Center I

The Visitors Center. If you look really hard, you can see the Olympic Flame burning in the cauldron at the top of the building. The Flame was lit that day simultaneous with the flame being lit in Athens, and it will remain burning until the Games are over.
I really should take a *night* picture of the flaming cauldron, so that the actual flame can be seen.

The Bratbear joined in the festivities as the United States Olympic Committee staff (those who did not travel to Greece) and the National Governing Body employees celebrated Olympic Day.

Ready for the tailgate party!

The Bratbear poses with an employee of the Olympic Training Center.

The Bratbear even got to meet one of the Training Center's resident athletes!
A good time was had by all as everyone celebrated the beginning of the 28th Olympic Games.

At the end of July 2004, Kelpie and the Bratbear had a chance to meet one of their Orcan friends, Red Herreng.
Orcas Place is the AOL/AIM chat room where Kelpie likes to hang out.
Want to know more? Visit the Orcas Place Home Page.

Red, it was great to meet you! Hope to see you again.

One rainy Friday in mid-July, the Bratbear accompanied Kelpie to her workplace. Kelpie's co-workers were kind enough to indulge her in photographs with the Bratbear.

Here's the Bratbear seated at Kelpie's work computer
(try not to look at the messy desk...)

The chief executive officer of the company Kelpie works for posed with the Bratbear.

The Bratbear, in the World Cup ;)

A co-worker hanging out in the office with the Bratbear.

The Bratbear got to go to Phoenix on the first of July.

Here's the Bratbear waiting at the gate for the flight to Phoenix.

We stayed with a friend at first,
(thanks for the hospitality, Joanie!)
and the Bratbear got on the computer.

He also had friends to hang out with.

The Bratbear enjoyed hanging out on the pool patio at the hotel before the show.

and other images from the Courtyard Marriott Mayo Clinic

The Bratbear also accompanied Kelpie to the 4th of July concert
at the Fort McDowell Casino in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
Here's the Bratbear, ready for the concert:

Images from that concert may be seen here:
Fountain Hills, Arizona, Paul Revere and the Raiders show, July 4, 2004

On June 20,2004, the Bratbear accompanied Kelpie to Cripple Creek, Colorado
for a Kingston Trio concert. (great concert!)
Here's the Bear at the Gold Rush Casino.

The concert was at the Gold Rush Palladium, an outdoor venue.
Here's the Bear onstage before the concert.

The Bratbear's third trip was to accompany Kelpie on a bus trip to Oklahoma...
departing June 3, 2004.

This was the reason we went to Oklahoma:
Congratulations Mark!

The Bratbear even got to go to the hotel pool...

The Bratbear's second trip was to Washington, DC,
departing May 27, 2004.

Kelpie saw a number of the memorials by night (sans Bratbear)
To see those pictures, click below.
Washington, DC Memorials

The Bratbear DID get to go to the Rolling Thunder concert,
because Kelpie took the big bag in order to take the camera tripod.

He even got on stage!

(I really think the Raiders sounded better than the Bratbear did though... ;))

Images from that concert may be seen here:
Washington DC, Paul Revere and the Raiders show, May 30, 2004

The Bratbear's first trip was to Tacoma, Washington,
departing May 14, 2004.

Kelpie's Bratbear at the Colorado Springs airport:

Kelpie's Bratbear at the Tacoma LaQuinta Inn

Kelpie's Bratbear amidst the accumulated necessities in the hotel room:

Images from that concert may be found at Tacoma, Washington Paul Revere and the Raiders show, May 14, 2004.

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